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 Start Page Exchange

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PostSubject: Start Page Exchange   Wed Sep 24 2014, 19:19

SuperStart Service REMOTE (Refer people and earn credits too)

This is the same as the normal superstart service below but it can be used as a referral URL, this allows you to promote your TrafficG account, earning you referrals and credits at the same time, plus as you build up your referrals you earn from their promotions too. 

[th]Your SuperStart Referral Link[/th]

The page should be viewed for at least 6 seconds.
The hits should come from other sites.
No auto-surfs or poor quality sources (We do monitor the traffic)
The link should not be used in emails. 
The traffic to your link does NOT have to be 100% unique

SuperStart Service

So how about driving traffic to your site by opening your browser, something you may do 100's of times a day? It sounds crazy, but that's exactly what the SuperStart does for you totally FREE!

We give you a unique URL to set as your browsers startpage. When you open your browser, we direct you to other members websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to yours! 


You will also get 10% of all the traffic generated by 5 referral levels. Each time your referrals open a new browser window your account will be credited.

The following shows you how the hit's can soon add up to really big numbers.. 

[th]SuperStart Service Example[/th]
Referral LevelYour ReferralsCredit RateBrowser StartsYour Daily Visitors
Total visitors to your web site each day :13650

[th]Your SuperStart homepage link[/th]

How do I set my SuperStart Homepage?

Internet Explorer users:

  • In your browser, Select Tools > Internet options

  • Under Homepage, paste your SuperStart Homepage URL into the Address box

  • Click Apply then ok

Mozilla Firefox Users:

  • In your browser, Select Tools >Options

  • Under Main, paste your SuperStart Homepage URL into the "Home Page" box

  • Click ok

Netscape Users:

  • In your browser, Select Edit > Preferences

  • Under Homepage, paste your SuperStart Homepage URL into the Location box

  • Click ok

AOL Users:

  • In your browser, Select Customise > Preferences

  • Select the Internet link

  • Under Homepage, paste your SuperStart Homepage URL into the Address box

  • Click Apply then ok

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Start Page Exchange
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