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 Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting

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PostSubject: Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting   Wed Sep 24 2014, 19:03

Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting
Members can now select from a range of targeting options when they add or modify sites in the members area.

  • Interest Targeting

  • Country Targeting

  • Region Targeting

  • Unique Traffic

  • Faster Traffic Delivery

  • Full, Semi or None Targeting Modes

  • Intelligent "Fuzzy" Targeting

  • Low Targeting Costs

What is Targeting?
Targeting allows us to instantly pick the best sites to show members while they surf, this means better quality visitors to your sites and a more enjoyable surfing experience. Instead of just picking a random site to show a visitor, we match sites to visitors. If you say "I only want to show my site to people from North America who are interested in 'Food & Drink'" then we will do our very best to show your sites to visitors using those targeting options.
How does Targeting Work?
We use a special kind of auto-degrading semi intelligent super targeting system. When a visitor "requests" to see a site the system automatically finds sites the user has expressed an interest in seeing. This means your site gets the very highest quality visitors at all times. This system also delivers very high quality unique traffic, generally over 95% unique. (Once all our systems are upgraded, we hope to achieve constant 100% uniqueness)
If I assign 10 visitor credits to my site how many visitors will I receive?
Without any targeting options you will receive 10 visitors, with targeting enabled you will receive between 6 and 10 visitors depending on your targeting options. The system will automatically try and deliver the best most targeted visitors first, if no targets can be found the system may show your sites to other less targeted visitors, and charge you a reduced rate per visitor.
*Note: The cost to target visitors may be reduced in the future.
If I turn all targeting options off, or only select one targeting option will I still receive unique visitors?
Yes, the system will always try it's hardest to deliver 100% unique traffic.

How do I select the sites I want to see while I'm surfing?
You can set your interests via the preferences page (see members area menu)
How do I select the targeting options for my sites?
You can alter your sites targeting options by clicking on the "Title" of each site from the main statistics/assign credits page in the member’s area. You can also set the targeting options when you add new sites, you can add more sites at any time by clicking the "Add Sites" link in the member’s area.
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Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting
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