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 The Home Job Resource Centre

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PostSubject: The Home Job Resource Centre   Tue Sep 23 2014, 17:41

[size=30] The Home Job Resource Centre
Now Hiring! Real Companies Need You,
And Will Pay You To Do Work At Home!
Dear Friend,
      I need your full attention.  So whatever it is you are doing right now, please put it aside and give me all your ATTENTION for a few minutes!

     You're about to find out...

  • how you can get paid to work at home.
  • how you can say goodbye to your boss... forever!
  • how you can take control of your life, gain Freedom and Peace of Mind!!!

      If you've ever dreamed of getting up in the morning, making yourself a cup of coffee and sitting down to work in your pajamas, then we can help you.  AdvanceOnlineMedia.com has been helping people to find work at home that they will enjoy.  And we can do the same for you.  Guarantee!  

    If that excites you .... then please listen carefully to every word in this letter.

The Largest Home Job Resource Center
      AdvanceOnlineMedia.com owns the largest home-based job database. We have helped our members worldwide to find work from home... with real jobs, and real companies.

     We can help you too...  but you must open your mind RIGHT NOW and read each and every word of this letter very, very carefully!

     This private information is available to you right now!  There are companies all over that are looking for people like you to work from home.  Let us help YOU find that perfect job, working from the comfort of your own home.

      Now listen…

      Our research team seeks out companies that offer work to people living anywhere across USA and Canada as well as in other countries around the world.  There are jobs that require little or no experience.  The work that is offered with these jobs is generally pretty easy to do.

     You see, over the last few years our company has gained many industry contacts and knowledge.  We have selected what we feel are the best companies to work for. They all meet our legitimate research standards for home-based job offers.

      We have put all this valuable information into an online Work-at-Home Job Information Site that we called The Home Job Resource Center.


Who Are These Companies That Pay People
To Do Work From Home?

     These big companies choose to hire people like you to work from home, rather than paying the high costs of employing a large workforce.

      These companies hire people to work at home because they save money on their taxes and employee expenses. You can now work as an independent contractor. This means you can work at your own pace with NO boss looking over your shoulder.

      The Home Job Resource Center includes the names, Web addresses and often addresses of each company with a full description of the work they offer.  Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date and real opportunities for working at home.

      In less than 7 DAYS, you could be doing simple pleasant work at home and making excellent money.

      These companies that we have carefully researched need your help today. You will always have many jobs to choose from. Some of the work at home jobs that you can do in the comfort of your own home are:


Getting Paid To Read Email
Getting Paid To Surf The Internet
Legal and Medical Transcription
Consumer Opinion Surveys
Craft Work And Assembly
Medical Billing
Desktop Publishing
Data Entry
Web Design
Computer Jobs
Translation Work
Word Processing
Data Processing
Graphic Design
Focus Groups
Internet Research
and Many, Many More!

      The list of work at home jobs is too long to list here.  There is a job at home for almost everyone!  We guarantee it.

You Can Now Get Paid To Work On Your Computer At Home!


You will also discover many great ways to make money from home on the Internet.  AdvanceOnlineMedia.com has been "online" since 1992, researching the home job industry. We have put together the very best money-making Internet programs offered.

       You probably have heard of all the people making money online by surfing the Web and simply reading email.  We can help you make money this way too!  We can also help you save hours of wasted time "just looking" on the Internet for the right type of work.


Get Paid Cash For Your Opinion

      Would you like to get paid just for completing simple 10-25 minute surveys? If you answered yes, then we can connect you with these opportunities today!

       It is true. You could spend a lifetime trying to find companies which offer real jobs on the Internet. Many Web sites will simply waste your time.  We have narrowed your search down to the best paying Web sites for anyone to make great money online with no investment!


Find A Job Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

      The work can be done at home, on your own time, giving you the flexibility to work when you want.  This means that you don't ever have to leave your home to get paid.  

       If you can type, transcribe, work with your hands, turn on a computer or receive mail, you can find an excellent home-based job by becoming a member today.  And we guarantee that you will find a job, or you will get a 100% refund on your membership.

       There are  over 1150 different job listings in 'The Home Job Resource Center' so your chances are very high that you will find some type of job that you will enjoy doing at home. You will find different jobs for nearly every type of industry.

       Your income will depend on which companies you choose to join and how many hours you work.  You will be paid by check in the mail, or by direct deposit into your bank account.  Now this could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Again, how often you are paid will depend on the company you choose.

Now, back to the work at home jobs.

      Most of the jobs listed in 'The Home Job Resource Center' don't involve any selling of any kind.   You'll never have to see or speak to anybody with those jobs. There are jobs that require little or no experience. This is fun to do, and again...... you get to choose your own hours.


      The Home Job Resource Center will give you over 1150 different companies to choose from.  You may work for as many of these companies as you like, including more than one at the same time. You can live anywhere in the world and still get paid to work at home.

       You can work full-time or part time from your home.  Or you can work just a few hours per week.  The Home Job Resource Center will give you the contact information to make your work from home dream a reality.

       And...  we know you can do these kinds of work, because 1000s of peoples are doing it right now.  More people than ever are working from their own home and getting paid well for doing so.  It's time you join the crowd.

      With today's uncertain economy, it is the safest route to financial security and peace of mind.


You Can Choose The Job You Enjoy Doing!

      It doesn't seem fair that 1000s of people living right across the USA and Canada are making money doing these kinds of work, while so many others don't even know these jobs exist.  That's why we want to show you how to get paid to work at home!  It's easy to get started. We have already done all the research for you.

       On a daily basis, we investigate and interview hundreds of companies that offer ways for people to make money from home. There is no reason to be short of money or out of work, when there are so many companies in need of home workers.


Do you have a question that I have not answered?
Please click here to get your answers to the questions that we get asked most often.  Don't worry, you will not lose your spot on this page.


Did You Know There's A Job Looking For You?
      "The Home Job Resource Center' Opportunities" have all been carefully researched, tested and proven to meet our quality standards and all have been updated.

        You will find out why many people feel the "Paid to read email programs" that we have, are the easiest free method of making extra money on the Internet today!   Advertisers want to PAY YOU just to click a link and visit their Web site!  Most of the best Paid To Read Email programs you will discover are FREE TO JOIN!

Click Here to Register Right Now!!!

      Email companies are offering you easy money just for reading the emails they send you!  You can now make money without leaving the comfort of your home!

       But....  you must know which companies to contact, and which companies will only waste your time.   If you are not careful, you could spend weeks on the Internet searching, and you may never find a "real" company that will pay you to work.

       Your search can be over right away if you take action and enroll today.

       You see, working at home can be absolutely the greatest gift to you and your family.

Do you have a question that I have not answered?
Please click here to get your answers to the questions that we get asked most often.  Don't worry, you will not lose your spot on this page.
Internet Survey Companies Want And Need You Today!
     Did you know that everyday, marketing companies and advertising firms are testing new products and services?   It's true.  In order to maximize their profits (and make sure these products are something people actually want), these companies hire marketing "specialists" to conduct surveys, focus groups, and discussion panels.

      Companies stand to lose millions if they "get it wrong," so they are willing to PAY people for their opinions about these products to make sure they "get it right!"

      For years, only a select, very secretive group of people were paid by these companies to give their opinions on these surveys and online panels....  Until NOW!

      More and more companies are looking for "real" people and are willing to PAY for their opinions! That's right, these companies need you NOW!   It is easier than ever to get paid to give your opinion online!  What could be better than that?  

Talk To Other Members Across The World

     And here is our newest idea!  We are in the planning stages of arranging for all members of AdvanceOnlineMedia.com to have the ability to go to a live online Internet chat forum.  This will be a members-only forum located at our Website.

      People in the same situation as you will soon be able to share information online about at home jobs and how much they pay.

      And think about this. You will be able to discuss openly which companies have proved most reliable, fun to work with, and of course, which companies pay the most.

      We feel that this idea will greatly increase "Your" ability to get up-to-the minute information on work at home jobs.

      Are you still listening?   Good.

      You see, we conduct some pretty heavy research.  But if we can allow you to benefit from talking to other members who are in the exact same position as you ... then we are happy to help out, and create that option for you.


Your Time To Act Is Now!

     In less than 7 days from now, you could be doing simple pleasant jobs at home and making money. Yes, top companies want to start paying you to do simple jobs from home.

      So here's my question to you:

      Do you want to spend 1000s of hours searching for a job?   I didn't think so. There is no way you can duplicate the hours we have spent researching these companies without it costing you big bucks and hundreds of hours of time. You can now get the information you need immediately, before you lose another night's sleep.      

      We investigate and interview hundreds of companies that offer ways for people to make money from home.  Let us help you avoid the worthless offers from some companies so you can start to take advantage of some Real Home Income Opportunities.
If You Can't Find A Home Job Here,
Then You Won't Find A Home Job Anywhere!

      Many of these home-based jobs are not widely advertised, so the general public is not aware they exist.  There are jobs that require no special training or skills and are easy to get started in.

      So keep in mind:  you can now be at home for your children and still make money!   You don't need to drive back and forth to work anymore.  And you do not have to wear a uniform to get paid!  Imagine, if you're a morning person, you can start work early each day.  Or if you're an evening person, you can stay up late at night and work. Your work schedule is determined by you, not your boss!


We Have Already Done The Hard Part For You!

      Yes, it is true that you can spend your own time looking for resources where you can find work at home jobs yourself.  We know from experience that just finding the right places to look for home jobs can be a very time-consuming task.  We have been researching the working at home industry for 20 years.

      Imagine, you can actually start working for companies right away.  And you can work for as many companies as you like!  Now you can make extra money to buy things you've always wanted - and you can do this right from the comfort of your own home!

      So think about it, you can live in the USA, Canada or anywhere in the world and start right away.  In fact working at home is perfect for an adult who is starting a family and can't afford to pay the high price of day care.

Anyone Can Do This

      It is important that you understand that you can work from home and make an extra income no matter what your circumstance.  You can be a Visa or International student, or a landed immigrant.  You can get paid to work at home if you are a housewife or a house husband.  You can be a senior citizen, or have a handicap.  You can be a mom or a dad; you can even be pregnant.  You can be anywhere between the ages of 18 and 88 and work from home and get paid.

       If you currently have a full or part-time job you can still keep it.  You decide when to work - and when not to work.  You can still work at home from wherever you live. You can move at any time and still work from home, regardless of where you move.


It's All Under Your Control

      You can even get members of your family to take part in your work at home jobs.  You can work for one or more companies at the same time. You will never be required to lift anything heavy.
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The Home Job Resource Centre
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